Monday, 13 February 2012

Stress & Interior Design

I suppose until you completely understand what a profession entails you won't ever understand the stress that goes on behind the scenes. Our job is not all shopping and fabric launches I assure you!

Deadlines. Deadlines strike fear into the heart of any interior designer. Things have to happen by a certain date; drawings need to be done, quotes need to be received, contractors need to be chased, clients need to attended to, payments need to be made, furniture needs to be sourced and emails need to be answered. And that is just for one job! Multiply that by however many projects you have on the go at any moment and you will suddenly find that an 8 hour day is just not even an option any more.

Stress is unavoidable, but it's how we deal with it that sets us apart from each other. We all have different ways of coping, but irrespective of how bogged down and hopeless it sometimes feels the sun still rises and sets each day. Although it's never as soon as we like, hard work is always rewarded when the time is right. Take my advice and try not to stress your life away, it's really not worth it. Unless of course you want grey hairs like me!

Deep breath.

You can do it!

Tuesday, 07 February 2012

IID Professions Update

Jocelyn Jones, CEO of Jossi Design (Pty) Ltd, is also the Head of the KZN Region of the IID (The South African Institute of the Interior Design Profession).  Jocelyn has also now been chosen as the President Elect, which means she will take over from the current President when his term comes to an end.

So Jossi Design somehow manages to make time for our projects as well as IID KZN commitments, and in order to achieve this we have put together a new committee for 2012.    

Committee members for 2012 now include:

Jocelyn JonesJossi Design (Pty) Ltd and KZN Regional Head
Craig R. BennettJossi Design (Pty) Ltd
Alicja GibsonShirley Burrows Interiors
Lyndall StolsStyle Design College (Durban Campus)
Odette Uys - Eye Candy Interiors
Donna Platter - St. Leger & Viney
Nikki Rolfe - Nikki Rolfe Interiors

The IID KZN region is aiming to exceed all expectations for 2012, so the committee got together for coffee at Europa to plan for the year ahead.

Hot on the agenda is the IID stand for Decorex 2012.  The IID committee members must come up with a concept for the stand that will eye catching yet also informative.  The message of the IID will need to be expressed to all of those attending Decorex, whether it be fellow industry members - reminding them of what the IID does for its members; or the public - informing them of what the IID is about and how they can use the IID to source a reliable Interior Designer, Decorator or Interior Architect.

Decorex 2011
The next IID General meeting will be held in February at Plaisir du Jardin where a host of interesting speakers are lined up to tell us about outdoor furniture and fabrics.  The General meetings are always a fantastic way to catch up with our members and find out what is happening in the industry.

Jocelyn Jones is also planning on going around to the Colleges, Universities and various IID accredited Educational Institutions to tell them about the new IID student membership.  Jocelyn plans to tell students how they make use of the IID to further their knowledge of interior design, materials and supplies available in the industry and the students can also use this as a platform to rub shoulders with the Interior Design and Decorator members.  All of the above will help to further their careers in Interior Design.  Student members can apply for Candidate or Professional membership once their student membership expires.  This is a really exciting development and we hope students make the most of it.

These are just a few of the topics that were discussed at our committee meeting.  And it seems clear that, together with all of Jossi Design’s projects, Craig and Jocelyn are finding time for the IID.  Look out for further posts on IID meetings and events.

Wednesday, 01 February 2012

Inspiration Strikes

They say that inspiration comes from the strangest places. It's true. You never know where you're going to be or what you're going to be doing, but all of a sudden it hits you! Most of us think about for a few lingering moments and then forget about it, but you actually never know whether it could have been the next big thing.

I find inspiration all over the place. But recently music videos have shown me snatches of creativity that I am dying to incorporate into an interior concept. Have a look at these few screen captures and see if you can figure out where I got them from.

Shakira - Rabiosa (Music Video), Chainlink Fence Design
Jessie J - Domino (Music Video), Dark Retro Print Wallpaper
Jessie J - Domino (Music Video), Dark Masculine Floral Wallpaper