Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Dave Nemeth Trend Report

So the Dave Nemeth Trend report is coming to Durban in May.  Look out for this event as it was so well received last year, and has been greatly anticipated. 

This is not just another talk about colour trends. The information presented at last year's workshop was so useful and inspiring.  The various products and methods of using new or recycled materials made a great impression on me.  Taken from the IID's invitaiton to the Dave Nemeth Trend Report:  "Separately from customary pattern, colour and shape directions, this forecast covers moreover the changing face of retail, with the importance of merchandising, connecting with the consumer as well as "pop up" retailing". 

"The workshop will offer definitive insight into where business is headed, consumer attitudes and a multiple of other topics such as future retailing.  This covers all aspects including physical space, new office space design and engaging with the workforce of the future".

"This report, although aimed at the design and retail industries, will greatly help anyone wanting to get more out of their businesses whilst surviving the tough times that still lay ahead.  Dave nemeth, who has been hailed by various publications as South Africa's trend guru, especially in the areas of design and retail, sheds light on the mass confusion currently taking place in today's business world.

Coming to Durban onthe 16th of May 2012... book now!   

Monday, 16 April 2012

Interior Concept Proposal

It appears as though I have been very bad at keeping this blog updated recently, sincere apologies to our faithful followers.

I met with a manager at the Wild Coast Sun two weeks ago, they had asked Jossi Design to quote on the refurbishment of their Slots Prive Area. An exciting prospect to get involved with some work at the casino. I managed to convert our PowerPoint Presentation into a little movie for you to enjoy - sorry there's no sound, but you'll get the gist of it.

Have a great week!