Tuesday, 08 January 2013

Hello 2013

Thank goodness 2012 is behind us... but so are the holidays which makes me a bit sad.  Actually, Jossi Design officially opens again on Monday 14th January 2013.  And yet the Jossi Design team is already hard at work, I popped into the office this morning and found Craig and Natalie there: filing, printing, drawing and plotting on how to tackle our workload.  Alot of our projects are rolling over to this year and, towards the end of 2012, we took on some new work which is only kicking off in the next few weeks.
Above: House in Umhlanga
Above is a picture of the House in Umhlanga which I somehow managed to finish on the day that my client's arrived from Joburg.  It was a great job for us, but the deadline was so tight I had a few sleepless nights about this one.  The client was, however, blown away and I received fantastic feedback from the various family members who contacted me during the holidays to say thank you.  It was definitely worth it.

Above: Jossi Office Hillcrest Wall Feature
I did however, decide to take on a new project in December and the deadline for this retail space to start trading again is the 1st of February 2013.  So a large portion of my holiday has been spent taking site measurements, drawing up plans, sections, ceiling and lighting layouts as well as detailing all the shopfitting items.  This is a hi-end mens' clothing store in Durban and should be an interesting project.  The concept is fantastic so I am looking forward to seeing the end result. 
Above: Jossi Office Hillcrest
And although I am still meant to be on holiday till Monday, I find myself drawing away again this week, as well as going through all the accounts and financials in preparation for another hectic year ahead.  Thank goodness I have created offices out in Hillcrest, convenient since I live out this way, so I can work in relative peace and quiet.  To avoid the whole "Work from Home" senario the office space is within the property but totally separate from the house with the entrance right near the road.  The space has been done up so that clients can come here for meetings and not feel like they are sitting in my living room.  I am very happy and have taken some pics for you to get an idea.  I have strategically taken the photos so you don't see my messy desk!
Above: Jossi Office Hillcrest Artworks
Finally I want to wish you all the very best for the new year.  Lets all work hard and make some money this year!

Jocelyn Jones
CEO Jossi Interior Design