Friday, 20 March 2015

Interesting Window Displays

I have been incredibly fortunate over the past year to do some travelling for work.  Travel is something that I have always been passionate about, so when the opportunity presents itself I don't say no.  

While I enjoy seeing the various tourist attractions, I am fascinated with exploring the different cultures, design styles and architecture.  Mostly I love to experience how people live and work in the different cities around the world by trying to find those places that are less visited by the tourist and more enjoyed by the locals.

So when I travel to a different place - I like to walk!  Day or night it doesn't matter much to me because it is the best way to actually see what life is like in that city (taking a taxi everywhere would much easier.... especially when you are not entirely sure you will remember the way back).  Walking ensures you actually experience the people, sights, sounds and smells of the city... and I always find something interesting, and often amusing, on these "walk-about's".  

So on some of my walks through Italy I found myself taking photos of several window displays.  Below are some of my favourites:

The one above captured my attention for obvious reasons (Bologna).

I just love this car display in the window of the Smeg Showroom (Milan).

Love the use of colour above... and all to display just one little bag (Milan).

Clever use of perspective (Milan)

This just put a smile on my face (Milan)

So when you next find yourself in a new country I encourage you to take a walk.  However (as many South African's are very aware) you do need to ensure that you take care and are not going to be walking through any 'dodgy' area's.  Therefore try to plan your route before hand... there are various apps that you can download that will show you popular walks through the city you are visiting.  And when in doubt just ask the locals.

Happy travelling!

(Jocelyn Jones)

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