Sunday, 01 March 2009

Fetish Cocktail Lounge

Fetish Cocktail Lounge is located within the Sails building at the Point Waterfront. This upmarket lounge has a vibrant and elegant interior with the lighting and fabrics important design elements.
The concept design was done by Jossi Design working closely with the client bring their vision to a reality. The result is truely elegant yet very exciting. Private areas are created by lowering the ceilings and creating intimate lighting, the low couches, ottomans and coffee tables are all modular to easily move them around depending on how people wish to sit.

The main bar is truely amazing with the combination of coloured lighting and glass being the main feature. Colour is important in accents to create areas of interest.

The first floor bar shown above has a front designed to use only bevelled mirrors, creating interesting reflections and picking up on the lighting in the space.

The double volume space is truely amazing as there is a constand view of the long and brightly lit bar, with the woven pendants creating more visual interest. The lounge is open Friday and Saturday evenings from 8pm till late. The venue is also available for private hire.

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