Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Limco Blankets Offices

A few years ago Craig and Jocelyn worked on this client's apartment on the Durban Beach front with fantastic results.  The client therefore approached Jossi Design when they were planning to relocate their offices to an existing warehouse.  This was a huge undertaking as the warehouse was in a rather bad state and as the offices were to be the new Headquarters where the client could meet and entertain their big corporate and retail clients.

But we were up to the task and set about measuring up the existing warehouse and documenting all the plumbing, electrical and sprinkler systems.  

The Reception, Boardroom and showroom were to be the most important visual spaces.  Therefore a 3D feature wall has been used in the reception area as well as glassguard marmoran on the column.  The signage has been placed on the column in stainless steel with a spotlight above for maximum impact.

Glass partitions have been used to define spaces but still visually allow you to see into the next space.  This opens up what would otherwise be a series of enclosed spaces.

Plasterboard ceilings were added to hide the beams and services running along the existing slab.  The lighting was specifically planned to be functional as well as to highlight the products on display in the showroom room and boardroom.

Finally there is the Ceo's office with soft carpeting, dark wooden desk and leather chairs as well as his own bathroom complete with shower.  

The transformation of this space from a warehouse into these modern offices is truely remarkable and the client is able to proudly show off their new Headquarters to their customers.