Tuesday, 04 December 2012

House in Izinga Ridge

It is always quite encouraging when things suddenly come together at the end of a project. Months of hard work, drawings, specifications and late nights culminating in the end result (or near to end result at least!).

Will get pictures of the finished product up as soon as I have them.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Jossi's Favourite Things


I have been pondering some of our favourite things and have put together this list so far.  I am sure over the next few weeks I will be adding items to this list, but here it goes...











Monday, 27 August 2012

How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

How about this for loving your canine. Architecture studio 07Beach created a separate staircase for their client's 2 dogs. Featuring narrower treads and shorter risers this staircase is LONG, almost wrapping around the entire room. Gotta love your dog to do this one!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Design Dialogue

On Tuesday the 8th August 2012, I had the pleasure of attending Design Dialogue Durban, a morning event created by Decorex and sponsored by Plascon.  The venue was the Docklands Hotel at The Point Waterfront, and the host for the morning was none other than my good friend Grant Webster from Fahrenheit Design.

Decorex SAplascon

Anne Roselt from Plascon got the ball rolling by introducing Leatrice Eiseman from the Pantone Colour Institute.  Leatrice inspired us all with her understanding and insight into the use and applications of colour, colour trends from the past and where colour trends are heading.  The combination of colours to create different moods and emotional responses was of great interest to the various designers (or "Creatives" as Leatrice calls those in the design field) present. For more information on Leatrice visit her blog http://eisemancolorblog.com/  and you can also visit the Pantone website www.pantone.com for information on the fashion report and various other articles relevant to the field of design.

Pantone Fashion & Home Color
Following straight on was Kirtsen Goss, an internationally acclaimed jewellery designer based here in Durban.  Kirsten was a true inspiration to me, her passion for her work and the challenges faced with the various mediums she works with and her links to the European market were all a true eye-opener.  I also didn't realise that her Durban showroom is located just down the road from Jossi Design, Kirsten Goss Durban can be found at 45 Eighth Avenue, and the Jossi Design office's are no. 65 Eighth Avenue.  I will now have to pop in for a visit.   http://www.kirstengoss.com 

Richard Stretton of Koop Design and Angela Shaw of Shaw Sisters spoke about the various projects that they have worked on and the products they design.  I enjoyed getting to know about other fabrics and furniture items that are available to us Designers.  As I get quite bored seeing the same things over and over again so it was a a delight for me to see something unique, and products that have been designed with such care and integrity.  I will be checking in on Koop and Shaw Sisters from now on.

Dalton 32 Lrg.jpg


Ruth Duke gave a presentation on images and interiors that inspire her.  I loved her use of colour, it is bold and striking.  I would love for my clients to let me get away with these sorts of looks for their interiors... they would need to be brave but the outcome would be amazing.

And finally there was Neville Trickett.  A true inspiration in terms of design, he invited us to "take a walk through his mind" and this presentation did force me to take a new look at design.  There were images that I did not think would normally appeal to me, but when Neville showed these items I was forced to question why I did not like the idea in the first place.  Neville also mentioned a quote which I thoroughly enjoyed and will probably be using from now on: "Good taste is whatever tastes good to you". 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Happy Birthday Jossi Design

It is always exciting to celebrate a birthday, and July brings us no fewer than THREE birthdays in the Jossi Design offices.

I turned one year older (no, I won't be telling you that magic number), one of the DUT students who is doing her experiential training with us celebrates a birthday this month and, most importantly, Jossi Design celebrates her 6th birthday. What an amazing journey we've had so far.

Onward to next year's birthday cake!

Jossi Design's Birthday Tea

Emma Jones enjoying some cake while Doreen looks on

My cake which warmed up the office A LOT!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Design Inspiration

Whilst surfing through my favourite blogs, I came across this beautiful house by James D LaRue Architecture. Such clean lines, light and fresh with interesting details. Give me the keys, I could move in tomorrow!

Friday, 01 June 2012

Ever Shopped for Something Like This?

When an interior designer goes shopping, we go large! I spend my Monday morning at ISS trying to source the perfect slab of granite for my client's kitchen.

Granite is a natural stone, so when the blocks are mined you have no way of knowing what the actual cuts will look like. There will always be some form of variation in the pattern and colour, so being able to hand pick a specific cut of stone give our clients a unique and one-of-a-kind kitchen.

So we're not just scatter cushions and vases...

Friday, 25 May 2012

We've Got Piles!

If that subject line didn't get your attention, nothing will! We've had another busy (oh-so-busy!) week at Jossi HQ with client meetings, launches, relaunches and IID community projects. Having a look around the office today I can see that things are really starting to pile up (understand the subject line now?). Have a look at these:

Paint, paint, paint... Samples for our various projects.

Drawings, drawings, drawings... All getting collated and ready for tender.

Tiles, tiles, tiles... Tiles samples for our various projects.

Magazines, magazines, magazines... Falling a bit behind on our subscriptions.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

IID General Meeting

On Tuesday 8th May, the second IID General Meeting for 2012 was held at Cobin Light in Windermere Road. Cobin Light specialise in exclusive lighting and offer decorators and designers full support for projects requiring lighting solutions.

Guest speakers were invited to present their various furniture and lighting ranges. Guest speakers included Mr Francesco from Spazio, Mr Georg Kloepfer from XAL lighting, Kenny Karstens spoke on home automation solutions, Karen McEwan from Osram and Mervin Wadsworth from QLite.

The meeting was very well supported by the members and we are hoping to keep the momentum of support for the remainder of the year.