Friday, 13 February 2015

From the Desk of Linda Sithole

I went to college having done much research on interior design. I enrolled into College ready to learn and succeed in the career I loved. I furthered my studies through the Bachelor of Technology in Interior Design because I felt there was more that I still needed to learn before I design an appropriate environment for my first client.

I found my first job as a Junior Interior Designer in one of the best Interior Design companies  in South Africa (Jossi Interior Design - obviously!). I was introduced into the real industry of Interior Design, not the “staged” interiors we worked on in college as practise for the real world. 

This is it! 

I am in the real world now, one mistake and it may cost thousands of rands. Here drawings have to change overnight because a client wants their bathroom 5mm bigger than what she signed off yesterday. Site inspections are no longer a field trip with your peers where you take selfies and post online to say you are “On site –my dream!”. No, no… NOW I’m a Junior Interior Designer and I’m behind my desk getting confused by drawings I drew yesterday because they all look similar, but your senior knows exactly which one it is at first glance and you look at them and you are like

Interior Design is transforming a space into a functional environment that can live up to its full potential. Being the Junior Interior Designer teaches you how to do that.

Interior design is hard work…and I LOVE IT!

'Til next time! J

Linda Sithole



phakamani Shamase said...

Aaw bakithi umgani wami Lo ☝😂

Zanele Zungu said...

Live what you love...well done Linda

Wandile Zondo said...

Keep up the hard work Linda!!