Sunday, 04 August 2013

Use Rugs To Complete The Room

Bringing colour into a room as an essential part of Interior Decorating, however when you mention colour most people think about paint.  Obsessing too much on the colour of the room can also mean you end up with everything in the same colour and no variety or depth, leading to either a dull or overbearing interior.   There are many different elements to consider in design and decorating such as texture, light and shade, contrast, focal point, pattern and finishes (such as wood, stainless steel, glass) to name a few.   

One item I love to add to a room are rugs, see below of a formal lounge where the rug brought together all the blues used in the room.

In the past I have found it difficult to find an interesting rug other than the obvious Persian rugs which have been around for years, and will be around for years to come.  I have no problem with Persian rugs as these definitely have their place and there are some amazing examples of Persians around.  I do, however, prefer the more contemporary rugs and suddenly there are more and more suppliers popping up all over the place… and it is about time.

images of rugs from Designers Guild

Home Fabrics recently launched their new range of rugs from Designers Guild and I cannot wait to use these in an interior.  The patterns are not just your standard stripes and dots that we have seen so many times before (although I do love the stripes I have seen in this Designers Guild Range due to the fantastic use of colour), but the florals are elegant and not too old fashioned, the geometrics are bold and graphic, but not overdone.

image from Designers Guild

I love to use a rug that makes the other colours and accessories in the room "pop".  In rooms that have been tiled or where wooden floors dominate it is great to break up the floor with something soft and warm, creating a more comfortable and intimate setting. 

image from Designers Guild

It is with a sigh of relief that I am seeing more and more designer rugs become readily available without spending a fortune or having to arrange importing them ourselves. A rug warms the room visually and can anchor the furniture within that space, furniture which would otherwise look like it was "floating" in the room.  So do not underestimate the statement a rug can make and have fun.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Beware of Short Courses in Interior Design

It seems that there has always been this misconception that Interior Design is nothing more than a hobby, or a "fun career choice".  There are numerous short, part time and online courses being advertised to the general public as "Interior Design Courses" giving the impression that, on completion of one of these courses, you would be considered an Interior Designer and could set about starting your career. This however is a far cry from the facts, Interior Design is not only an extremely technical and challenging career choice, it is also officially recognised as a profession.

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has recognized the South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (The IID) as the professional body for Interior Designers, Interior Decorators and Interior Architects.  IID Members are now able to call themselves Professionals, with the following designations registered on the National Qualifications Framework:

Professional Interior Decorator
Professional Interior Designer
Professional Senior Interior Designer
Professional Interior Architect

If we look at the IID Professional Interior Design membership, for example, each member has obtained a minimum 3 year full time degree or diploma in Interior Design.  Furthermore an application to the IID will not be considered without a minimum 3 years of experience in the Interior Design field, therefore ensuring that all IID members are not only qualified but have the experience and expertise to meet the standards of the IID.   In turn Interior Decorator and Interior Architect members have their own set of requirements in order to be registered with the IID.

The IID is determined to accurately represent its professional members and to inform the public of the importance of hiring a qualified, experienced and professional Interior Decorator, Interior Designer or Interior Architect.  For those who are interested in redecorating their own homes the IID encourages those individuals to take advantage of these short courses in home d├ęcor, as they would provide some interesting insight into the decision making and coordinating required to help you with your renovations.  For those looking to make a career in the Field of Interior Design however, the IID cannot over-emphasizes the importance of investigating the course on offer and ensuring it is accredited by the relevant authorities and registered with the IID in order to avoid later disappointment.   In short, beware short of these short courses when making your career decision.  The IID would like to encourage those companies and organisations using the words “Interior Design”, “Interior Decorating” or “Interior Architecture” in their advertising to rather choose a more accurate description of the course in order to avoid any confusion.

For those who are interested in this field of study the IID has a list of registered educational institutions in your region.  Furthermore the IID is always available to give advice for those looking to hire a Designer or Decorator for a particular project.

For more information, contact the IID on or 0114860450 –

Monday, 13 May 2013

SA Home Owner

Just a little reminder for those of you who didn't see the article in SA Home Owner recently...

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spazio Lighting

I'm not sure what rock I've been hiding under, but on visiting one of my favourite go-to sites for light specifications, Spazio, I noticed that there were a few new additions to their catalogue. I wouldn't be doing my job unless I shared them with you. Don't be shy, tell me what you think...

Parah Pendant









Quazi 2 Light

Friday, 01 March 2013

New Jossi Design Head Offices

It has taken a good few months, but finally we have a few pictures of our new offices to show you. Yes we have down-scaled the size of our office, but what we've lost in square meters we've more than made up for in enthusiasm and creativity. It is a great new space in a great new location and we're thrilled to be here!

Just to help you find us a little easier and for you to have a peek inside, here's a map and a few pictures:

View from the street

Craig's Office

Tuesday, 08 January 2013

Hello 2013

Thank goodness 2012 is behind us... but so are the holidays which makes me a bit sad.  Actually, Jossi Design officially opens again on Monday 14th January 2013.  And yet the Jossi Design team is already hard at work, I popped into the office this morning and found Craig and Natalie there: filing, printing, drawing and plotting on how to tackle our workload.  Alot of our projects are rolling over to this year and, towards the end of 2012, we took on some new work which is only kicking off in the next few weeks.
Above: House in Umhlanga
Above is a picture of the House in Umhlanga which I somehow managed to finish on the day that my client's arrived from Joburg.  It was a great job for us, but the deadline was so tight I had a few sleepless nights about this one.  The client was, however, blown away and I received fantastic feedback from the various family members who contacted me during the holidays to say thank you.  It was definitely worth it.

Above: Jossi Office Hillcrest Wall Feature
I did however, decide to take on a new project in December and the deadline for this retail space to start trading again is the 1st of February 2013.  So a large portion of my holiday has been spent taking site measurements, drawing up plans, sections, ceiling and lighting layouts as well as detailing all the shopfitting items.  This is a hi-end mens' clothing store in Durban and should be an interesting project.  The concept is fantastic so I am looking forward to seeing the end result. 
Above: Jossi Office Hillcrest
And although I am still meant to be on holiday till Monday, I find myself drawing away again this week, as well as going through all the accounts and financials in preparation for another hectic year ahead.  Thank goodness I have created offices out in Hillcrest, convenient since I live out this way, so I can work in relative peace and quiet.  To avoid the whole "Work from Home" senario the office space is within the property but totally separate from the house with the entrance right near the road.  The space has been done up so that clients can come here for meetings and not feel like they are sitting in my living room.  I am very happy and have taken some pics for you to get an idea.  I have strategically taken the photos so you don't see my messy desk!
Above: Jossi Office Hillcrest Artworks
Finally I want to wish you all the very best for the new year.  Lets all work hard and make some money this year!

Jocelyn Jones
CEO Jossi Interior Design