Sunday, 01 November 2009

For Cake's Sake

There is a new cake shop due to open at 69 Cowey Road. Jossi Design has had the pleasure of working with the owner to create her vision for the interior design.

It seems to all be coming together with the shop due to open this Wednesday, 4th November 2009. It is very exciting and we all plan to support this new addition to our area.

As work is still in progress I do not have any photos to post as yet, but I will ensure we get some photos of the completed interior which will hopefully be available for viewing shortly.

But in the meantime see below the leaflet I have just received showing the items that can be purchased. You must also feel free to pop into the shop and view the various brochures of cakes that can be ordered. We wish "For Cake's Sake" the best of luck!

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